Welcome back to Community Gardens of Rancho Cucamonga~ we’re growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, vineyards & community~ Join us, won’t you?

~As the garden grows, so does the gardener~


The Community Gardens of Rancho Cucamonga is a collaborative nonprofit community project that includes 4 main components: Community Garden in which fruits, vegetables and flowers will be grown for private consumption, public sale and donation to local food pantries; Farmer’s Market that will sell fruits, vegetables and flowers to the public and help generate funds to support the project, plus a produce and flower exchange opportunity; an Educational Program providing programs in nutrition, food production and preservation, organic gardening and healthy lifestyles, and Acreage for seedless table grapes and wine grapes to help renew and preserve vinticulture heritage. 

We are located under the Edison Power lines, 15 acres of which, on the south side of Foothill Blvd. and west of Day Creek, adjacent to the Foothill Crossing retail center where Sears Grand is located.

Be part of the Community Gardens of Rancho Cucamonga!  Get involved today!  Please help us fill your basket with your generous support. 

Thank you for your recent donations of $1000 and $2500!

The Community Gardens of Rancho Cucamonga is currently a project of the Restorative Justice Center, which is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization Tax ID# 30-0114036)  Donations in the form of checks can be written either to the RESTORATIVE JUSTICE CENTER or the COMMUNITY GARDEN PROJECT. 

Send donations in the form of a check, made out to the Restorative Justice Center and sent to Dee Matreyek, Community Gardens Project,  Attention:  Dee Matreyck, Chair   P.O. Box 9244.  Alta Loma, CA 91701. Or email us at:



MEMBERSHIP LEVELS: (anyone who makes a donation this year, by December 31, 2010, will receive special recognition as a Founding Member ofthe Community Gardens of Rancho Cucamonga)

$1000 & above- Garden Patron

(all of the below, plus) Branding Opportunities such as shed, benches, posts for decorative ribbons, street/avenue names, demonstration garden name, entry arbors, tools/hoses, work tables, etc.

$500 & above- Garden Sponsor

Thank you note; listing in Garden Web-Site, Newsletter photo or Name on Display Board,  Invitations (6-8) to VIP activities, Name on street/avenue walkway

$100- Plot Sponsor

Thank you note, Listing in Garden Web-Site Newsletter, Photo or Name on Display board, Invitations (4) to VIP activities, Name on plot marker (plot numbers or names on map) 

$50- Business

Thank you note, E-Mail List Updates, Listing in Garden Web-Site Newsletter, Photo or Name on Display Board, Invitations (2) to  Vip activities

$40- Family

Thank you note, E-Mail List Updates, Listing in Garden Web-Site Newsletter, Photo or Name on Display Board

$20- Individual

Thank you note, E-Mail updates, Listing in Garden Web-Site Newsletter

$10- Friend of the Garden

Thank you note, E-Mail list updates


We had our first Community Garden Planning meeting at  the Lion’s West Community Center-9161 Baseline Road on…

1.  Thursday, August 6th at 6:30 for board memeber and 7:00pm for general menbers and open to the public.  (We discussed the community gardens project and began to plan the October 24th fundraiser.)

2.  Our second meeting was Thursday August 28th. (We choose what items we were going to bring to the next board meeting, or at least stockpile in anticipation for the fundraiser and members of the group also volunteered to participate at the Wednesday’s open market at Victoria Gardens)

3.  Our next meeting is Thursday Sept. 10th, 7:00 pm at the Lion’s West Community Center in the Guasti room.

4.  Our new meeting to bring in 2010 will be announced soon!

Our membership is over 100+ and growing!  We are also on facebook:  Community Gardens of Rancho Cucamonga. 

Thank you for your support and interest!



CHAIR:  Dee Matreyek or 909-946-6092

VICE CHAIR:  Brad Buller

SEC/TREAS:  Andrea Mitchel

MEMBERSHIP:  Jackie Brooks or 909-800-4035

SPONSORSHIPS:  Heather Neault

ADVISOR:  Agusto Cruzalegui

ADVISOR:  Edward J. Dietl

EXEC. ASST.  Gino L. Filippi